Why Us

Expert Vetting

We vet thousands of applicants to pick the absolute best creatives to join our community through an extensive 5-step vetting process.

This includes: applications, interviews, test projects, and continuous measuring. Only highly skilled designers pass, ensuring the highest quality designs for our clients.

Continuous Upskilling

Our upskilling technology trains world-class designers who work with top brands. Because we believe everyone has room to improve, we train on the latest design skills as well as positive psychology to guide continuous improvement and ensure designers can solve client problems in any environment.

Design Diversity

Our vision is to create 100,000 skilled jobs for Africans by 2028. We believe in a more equitable world and the importance of diversity in design, and these beliefs have translated into an investment in our community of hundreds of highly skilled African designers that our clients enjoy exclusive access to.

Curated Designers For Your Needs

1. Individuals

One person to fill a skills need on your team.

2. Teams

Multiple designers, guided by your design leaders.

3. Projects

Curated teams working as your personal design studio.

Designer Profiles

Marvel Mutshina
Brand Designer

My work is guided by a strong belief in solutions that recognize and form relationships between ideas and reality. Ideas that improve the connections between people and the products they use.

Megan Bird

I draw to create awareness and connection with all the weird and wonderful plants and animals on our planet and educate children about how to be free and happy and equal.

Thelma Dike
UI/UX Designer

I love to design with the end-user in mind. No great product is designed without knowing the user, and so my work combines intuitive, visual designs with research and insights for maximum impact.

We Make It Easy

1. Talk to our team
We’ll listen to your needs so we can curate your team when you’re ready.
2. Meet hand-picked designers
Within a few days we’ll introduce designers who are a fit for your project.
3. Start working with top designers
Hundreds of top designers available at a moment’s notice.

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