Striving for Excellence - Ensuring Your Satisfaction
We aim for a 100% match rate, but we recognize that even with our advanced AI-driven technology, the human element remains at our core.
If, following our Week One Match Performance Evaluation, you decide that we didn't find the right creative match and you don't want another match, we offer two options:
We will return your money, or pledge to donate $1,000 to a charity of your choice.
This reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and your satisfaction.
Match with Creatives
Quality Assurance in Our Matching Process
Our commitment to delivering top-quality matches is driven by an extensive, ongoing vetting process. We ensure that only the highest caliber creatives are included on our platform through a continuous evaluation of their skills, experience, and professionalism.
Every application undergoes a thorough analysis.
Portfolio Review
We perform regular, in-depth assessments of the creative's work to ensure ongoing quality.
Experience Review
We continuously verify professional experiences to ensure they align with the skills presented.
Vetting Interview
Rigorous interviews are conducted at different stages to reconfirm the candidate's suitability.
Onboarding Challenge
New creatives are given real-world tasks as a primary performance benchmark.
Week One Performance Evaluation
You, our customers, determine the success of the match. We listen to your feedback and act accordingly.
Ongoing Performance Evaluation
We don't stop after week one. Regular and consistent evaluations are made to ensure continuous quality in our creative pool.