How does Meaningful Gigs work?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Tell us your needs and get a curated list of creatives from our team of experts.

2. Meet and select the most relevant creatives for your needs and work environment.

3. Creatives are embedded into your team and align with your working hours.
What type of creatives do you work with?
We only invite experienced, mid to senior-level creatives into the Meaningful Gigs community. We vet thousands of applicants to pick the most talented, many of which have worked with established brands like Meta, Snapchat, Philip Morris, Starbucks, IDEO, etc. before we select them.

Our creatives operate in 4 Core Competency areas: UI/UX & Product Design, Motion & Animation, Brand Creative, and Graphic Design & Illustration. View our Competencies
What is the partnership model?
The way we work with partners is clear and simple. Get monthly creative hours to access mid to senior-level talent across the full range of our creative capabilities. Swap creatives in and out or lock in your preferred ones for multiple months. If you have more custom needs, feel free to contact one of our account experts for more information.
What is the pricing like?
We offer extremely competitive pricing based on the seniority and specialty of the creatives you select to work with. All fees are included in the rates shown on the creatives’ profiles.
How do you handle payments?
Payments are made directly to Meaningful Gigs. We’re a US-based company, and we will pay the creatives. So if you have multiple creatives you don’t need to worry about multiple invoices/payments - payments will remain simple even as you scale.
Can you help with vendor onboarding?
Absolutely. With over 50+ enterprise partnerships, we have extensive experience in a variety of vendor and procurement scenarios. Click here to meet with one of our experts to get assistance with vendor onboarding.
What time zones do Meaningful Gigs creatives work?
That’s really up to you. All Meaningful Gigs creatives are used to working with US and European time zones so they can easily work the same hours as you. If you prefer a more 24/7 design cycle, then our creatives can also overlap with some of your hours so work continues after/before you’re done for the day.
Are you exploiting creatives?
Absolutely not. We believe in a world where creatives are paid based on the quality of their work, not their location. By offering 5-10 times the standard local market rates, we're empowering creatives and making a significant difference in their lives. Not to mention, our creatives are eager to work with large brands to enhance their portfolios.
Are the creatives employees of Meaningful Gigs?
Meaningful Gigs creatives are embedded into your team and are a mix of employees and independent contractors. Our model depends on the compliance necessary for the enterprises we work with. Contact sales to learn more.