DesignOps as a Chief of Staff | Tim Gilligan
In this episode of Heroes of the Creative Revolution, Tim Gilligan discusses how his experience with immersive theater applies to DesignOps, his transition to a design chief of staff, how he measures and fosters success in his role, and much more.
DesignOps as a Chief of Staff | Tim Gilligan
Episode Notes


0:00 Intro

0:35 Tim's Background

1:20 Theatrical Experience Applications to DesignOps

2:54 Transitioning to Chief of Staff and How That Has Changed His DesignOps Role

4:19 Balancing the Breadth & Depth of the Work

6:15 How Tim Measures Success in the Chief of Staff Role

7:10 Challenge of Balancing Designer & Company Needs

10:00 DesignOps Leaders Who Inspire Tim

12:57 Conclusion

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