To Know or To Ignore? 2022 Design Trends
To Know or To Ignore? 2022 Design Trends

Below are some trends in web design, UI/UX design, animation, colors, and fonts... Check them out for inspiration (or if you're a contrarian so that you can intentionally go in another direction!)

Web Design

Mini sites

Giving web designers more creative freedom to create mini-sites can be a low-risk way of cultivating innovation in web design.

Web-based scavenger hunts

Website structures lend themselves to scavenger hunts with password protections and daisy-chained pages... It's a different type of engagement but should be easily solvable if you actually want your audience to reach the end of it, which could be a product/NFT launch, release of a video or document, or a hidden piece of information.

App-like experiences

Jeremy Beyt, co-founder of ThreeSixtyEight, notes: “A front-end-driven web experience that’s really overblown from a design standpoint is a whole new way of using the web that hasn’t existed before; it's an app-like experience. That, to me, is the opportunity right now.”

One-page websites

Sometimes simple is best, and websites without menus and multiple pages makes it easier to control the narrative and customer experience... Simple website also allow for more playful elements, plenty of which can be seen on Lindsey Mendick's one-page website.

Additional trends include: sites with a strong sense of place, Art Deco motifs, fewer images in heroes, oversized typography, interactive fonts, responsible motion design, collage illustration, abstract illustrations, gradients with grain, linework, split-screen websites, glassmorphism, less neumorphism, inclusive copy, gender-neutral design, page speed prioritization, building with dynamic content, and no-code being used for more teams.

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UI/UX Design



Simple, informative, minimal interfaces are not just for tech anymore!

Brutalism and return to Flat

Brutalism embraces flat design, strong outlines, contrasting colors, bold typography, and real/life photography.


Background blur, semi-transparent objects, "watercolor", and glass-looking spheres are just a few glass-inspired effects that are seemingly here to stay.

Aurora backgrounds

Subtle, colorful, blurred splashed of color look friendly and organic. Stripe added movement to this effect to make it even more impactful.



The holo-like textures, vibrant, glowing colors, and abstract, round shapes all give a futuristic feel.

Eco-conscious cardboard style

Companies are using design to communicate their environmental efforts and alignments. Backgrounds resemble recycled cardboard, typography is minimal, contrast is high, colors are "dimmed", and photography & textures are lifelike.

Wild typography

Mix fonts with shapes, photos, emojis, textures, and more to create eye-catching headers and titles... There are far fewer rules for typography now, but just make sure it's still legible!


3D is actually evolving to a more simplified version that resembles clay... This style is simple, cylindrical, and oval in shape, with both inner and outer shadows to create depth. Amrit Paul Singh has an entire series of "Toy Faces" that he's rendered in this style.

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 5.26.52 PM

NFTs / democratization of art

Almost everything can be considered art now, and the democratization of art means that virtually everyone can earn from NFTs.

Glimpse into VR and the Metaverse

Gesture-based controls, eye-tracking, and holographic 3D shapes will be some of the defining characteristics of virtual and augmented worlds.

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Set in motion

Movement and kinetics can play an important role in conveying the spirit and personality of a brand. "Ownable choreography" can become synonymous with a brand, much like how static logos function today.

The 90s are back

"An obsession with lo-fi 90s aesthetics, punctuated with techniques like light leaks and over-exposure, has definitely taken over the world of photography."

Gooey blobs and liquids in 3D art

Squidgy blobs and shiny liquids are just a couple of examples of the cushiony, sugar-colored, and abstract structures that have become quite popular in 3D art; they can also be set to move to their own rhythms, and designers are able to create their own physics as well, giving them more life-like qualities.


A nostalgic resurgence

Airbrushed illustrations as well as psychedelic and punchy typefaces are just two types of tactile design that are becoming popular again. Hybrid typefaces that blend ornamental flourishes with svelte, sharp tapers aren't always legible, but an expression of mood takes center stage.

Intense, retina-searing colors

Hope and optimism are now as important as ever, and intense colors can help convey these concepts.

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2022's most popular colors, according to Shutterstock:

"Calming Coral"

"Velvet Violet"

"Pacific Pink"

"Green Reigns Supreme"

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Rounded Sans Serifs

"Honest, open, and inclusive, these rounded sans serifs reflect the shift towards fuss-free branding in 2022. Rounded fonts used to be the preserve of child-focussed products, but these more grown-up incarnations of the rounded type style strike the perfect balance between friendly naivety and geometric style."

High-Contrast Serifs

"Taking inspiration from Japanese typefaces, these achingly elegant high-contrast serif typefaces bring a literary personality to print and web projects."

Quietly Quirky

"These quietly quirky font styles will help you to channel a cosy vintage style in your designs in 2022. Look for traditional serifs and sans-serifs with subtle quirks. If the characters have a slightly hand-crafted wobble, you’re on the right track.


Fluid and Simple Scripts

"Speaking of cool typography trends another one that’s been brewing over 2021 is the use of very silky, fluid script fonts that blend elements of Art Nouveau with calligraphic style. These trending script fonts are beautiful and poetic, allowing you to incorporate artistic type into your designs."

Rustic Serifs

"Quietly elegant with a small dose of perfected imperfection, these serifs take their cues from European cafe signage. Informal and effortlessly pretty, these new trending fonts can be used to bring more character to print designs such as posters and book covers. They have a handwritten quality without appearing hand-drawn, making them an excellent font choice for communications that need to feel warm and personal, such as portfolio websites, resumes, or casual event marketing."

Strong and Simple Sans

"After a year of distorted, novelty fonts, there’s no fresher breath of air than a strong and simple sans serif. These bold, impactful fonts are best used for headlines, and are the perfect match for corporate designs or layouts that need to get to the point quickly."

Chubby Retro

"We predict that retro-inspired fonts will also go super-sized in 2022, with chubby retro fonts being used to add a serious dose of cheer and optimism to logos, packaging, signage, and websites. If you’re looking for a font trend to put a smile on your face in 2022, these chubby retro typefaces will certainly lift your mood."


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