The Upside of Being a Creative Ops Team of One
The Upside of Being a Creative Ops Team of One

Being the only operations person on a creative team can present both challenges and unique advantages. In this post, we will explore different ways to operate efficiently as a solo creative ops machine. We will touch on the advantages of your position, discuss the role of AI in increasing productivity, and highlight useful tools and resources.

The Advantages of Being the Only Operations Person:

While the challenges may seem daunting, being the only ops person supporting a creative team also offers unique advantages. You have the opportunity to shape and influence the creative workflow, implementing streamlined processes and best practices tailored to your team's specific needs and your style. Additionally, being involved in every aspect of creative ops allows you to have a holistic understanding of the team's dynamics, enabling you to provide personalized support and ensure efficient collaboration to maximize output.

Harnessing the Power of AI to Do More

Artificial intelligence can be a game-changer for those operating independently. For instance, AI can assist in managing digital asset libraries, automating project tracking and reporting, finding creative talent, and even generating initial design concepts. By incorporating AI into your workflow, you can free up valuable time to focus on high-value activities such as strategic planning, fostering creativity, and building strong relationships with stakeholders.

Key Resources for Creative Ops

Project Management Platforms: Utilize project management tools like Asana, Trello, or to streamline task assignment, progress tracking, and collaboration. These platforms offer features such as task lists, deadlines, and shared boards, providing transparency and accountability.

Digital Asset Management Systems: Implement digital asset management (DAM) systems like Bynder, Widen Collective, or Adobe Experience Manager to organize and centralize digital assets. DAM systems enhance accessibility, version control, and working across different projects, reducing time spent searching for files.

Communities: Creative operations professionals can find invaluable help and support through online professional communities such as the Design Ops Assembly. The Design Ops Assembly is a thriving community specifically tailored for operations professionals who support design and creative teams. It serves as a hub where like-minded individuals can connect, collaborate, and share best practices, insights, and resources. These kinds of communities offer a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and a supportive environment that fosters growth and innovation in the field.


Embracing the advantages of being the sole operations person, leveraging AI tools, and utilizing helpful software and communities can significantly enhance your productivity and effectiveness. Operating efficiently as a creative operations team of one requires a proactive and strategic approach; it can definitely be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

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