Project Spotlight: The 65th Grammy Awards
Project Spotlight: The 65th Grammy Awards

Project Summary

The 65th Grammy Awards showcased some of the world's best talent. One talent who was there, but not in attendance, was Meaningful Gigs creative Seyi G— whose work was featured prominently before, during, and after the event. Seyi created artwork for the Grammy’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts. He also created the Grammy’s album artwork for Apple Music and Spotify playlists curated by some of the nominees as well as creative assets to be used by award winners and in streaming channels. 

Skills Used: Typography Layout, Social Media Design, Graphic Design, Visual Communication

Industry: Entertainment

What the Client Said

“Seyi is always prompt with his responses, meticulous about details, and creative with his designs. Our organization often has extremely short timelines, and we can always rely on Seyi to be quick, efficient, and communicative. We love working with Seyi, and our partners often request to work with him specifically! His latest graphics supported the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.” - Creative Project Coordinator; The Recording Academy - Grammys

Example Deliverables

The Creative Talent

Seyi (Lagos, Nigeria)

Learn more about the amazing work Seyi has done by checking out his Showcase profile.