Design Operations LA 2023: An exclusive gift and more from Meaningful Gigs
Design Operations LA 2023: An exclusive gift and more from Meaningful Gigs

We can't wait to see the creative/design ops community at the Henry Stewart Los Angeles conference on November 17th. Here are 5 reasons to be as pumped as we are... 

1) We are giving away $15 Starbucks gift cards. Simply be one of the first 20 attendees to reserve a 10-minute demo of our Creative Matching Platform before the event and get your gift card once we chat there. Our platform is a super efficient way to find high-quality creatives so you can focus on delivering amazing work. Here’s the link to claim your spot and gift card now:

2) When you complete a demo at our booth you’ll be automatically entered into a raffle to win a new iPad Pro.

3) Our CEO and Co-founder Ronnie Kwesi Coleman is leading a session that focuses on 3 key challenges: the ever-growing demand for creative work amidst a talent shortage, the uncertain impact of AI on creative careers, and the organizational complexities that design and creative operations professionals face in a remote world.

4) The Henry Stewart Events team is fantastic and are going to host another wonderful event…

5) … and we get to rub shoulders with amazing speakers including Meredith Black, Brennan Hartich, ⚜️ Brian Duchek, Lona Moore, Farid Sabitov, Changying (Z) Zheng, Kyle Caruso, Dominique Ward, Silke Bochat, Kristin Skinner, Thomas Stilling, Bob Baxley, Paul Nicholson, Lauren Stefaniak Smith, Andrea B. Ruskin, Cheryl Venable, Justin Amendola, Katherine Seo, Lisa Bennett, Michelle Vincent, Ali Hanan CMRS FRSA, T. Alex Blum, Debbie T., Julie Wisnicki, Robert Berkeley, ✦ Michael Storey – ‘Guardian of the magic' ✦, Amanda Goodroe, Annalisa Austin, Carrie Crow, Karen Williams, Justine Mar, Jeff von Spangenberg, Anem Aftab, Robert Paige, Rachel Eck, Dan Smiczek, Marie-Anne Aizac, and Emily Molitor.

See you there!