Creative Talent Spotlight: Lize-Marie D.
Creative Talent Spotlight: Lize-Marie D.

Lize-Marie currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where she has led the Aurora Creative Studio for several years. During her time at Aurora, Lize-Marie has won many awards for her work and has been featured in several prolific publications. One of her greatest achievements was having a children's book she illustrated shortlisted in The World Illustration Awards by the Association of Illustrators in London. Check out more of her work below.

Lize-Marie’s Skills: Illustration, Print Design, Lettering, Logo Design, Infographics, Layout Design, Report Design, Character Design, Presentation Design, Instruction Manuals

What AARP’s Creative Operations Lead Said About Lize-Marie

“Lize-Marie is a true partner and functions as an extension of our strategy team. I really appreciate how Lize-Marie listens for the underlying need and thinks creatively about how to solve it through our presentations and reports that are gorgeous and flexible. Her designs have helped us tell the story of our enterprise strategy to company employees in an engaging, clear, and consistent way.”

Examples Of Lize-Marie’s Work

Greybe Fine Olive Products

Animals Do What? Children's Book

PMI (Philip Morris International)

36 Days of Type Project

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