Creative Talent Spotlight: Hammed Okunade
Creative Talent Spotlight: Hammed Okunade

Some know him as Hammed, we know him as Goodman- regardless, he’s an extremely versatile brand designer and art director based in Lagos, Nigeria. As an expert in crafting and bringing a brand’s visual identity to life, he embeds himself into the teams he works with to uncover focused and coherent styles that fit his clients. Check out some examples of his work below.

Hammed’s Skills

- Typography

- Brand Guidelines

- Print Design

- Art Direction

- Logo Design, Graphic Design

- Infographics

- Layout Design

- Naming

- Visual Identity

- Package Design

“When we were implementing a major global rebranding, Hammed worked with our global team to implement the visual language and identity to fit across our 11 distinct African markets. He repeatedly demonstrated a real aptitude for translating ideas into visuals.” - Jumia Food’s Creative Services Lead

Examples Of Hammed’s Work

Want To See More Examples of Work?

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