Creative Impact Spotlight: Kojo Gyan
Creative Impact Spotlight: Kojo Gyan

Making a Difference as a Team

Kojo Gyan is a talented product and brand designer based in Accra, Ghana who has been on the Meaningful Gigs Creative Matching Platform for over a year. Before his time with us, he had already established himself as a very popular artist and tech enthusiast in West Africa. Currently, he's thriving in his work with Carnival Cruise Lines on a team with other creatives from our platform. 

“I am glad to see the impact of our work as a team and the clients are definitely pleased with the quality; they are starting to have conversations about growing the team and renewing for a longer extension. It is very satisfying to do work that is so appreciated and brings so much value to the clients. The other Meaningful Gigs creatives have all been fantastic and the entire project has been very cohesive.”

Personal & Professional Growth

During his time with Meaningful Gigs, Kojo has experienced significant personal and professional growth. 

“The valuable and unique industry insights and experience coming from working with Meaningful Gigs have elevated me in terms of clients I can now work with. The partnership has been a huge confidence and portfolio booster.”

He credits working in new corporate environments like Carnival Cruise Lines with increasing his adaptability, communication skills, timeliness, and overall organizational capabilities. 

“From a personal standpoint, in terms of my work as a business owner and designer, my processes have definitely improved. Working with global, billion dollar brands has certainly helped me level-up my communication and organization skills."

Outside of his design work, he is the CTO & Co-founder of Corngate Farms, a pioneering agricultural company based in West Africa that’s dedicated to addressing the critical issue of food scarcity through innovative and sustainable practices. Their mission is to provide a reliable and eco-friendly solution to the pressing challenge of meeting the region's growing food demands. With a focus on modern farming techniques, employing cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to community engagement, they're reshaping the way agriculture operates in the region.

Before Meaningful Gigs, his only option to fund his business was to find investors. The money he has made working on our platform has allowed him to grow the business on his own, primarily with the large expense of clearing the farmland, without having to seek external funding.   

Meaningful Gigs Inspiration

Kojo draws inspiration from Meaningful Gigs' own origins and growth.

“It’s inspiring to see an individual like myself, or of a similar background, be successful. Ronnie, CEO & Co-founder of Meaningful Gigs, also grew up in Ghana and seeing him make a name for himself and actually start a business which is impacting so many people and has plans to impact way more motivates me. Being a part of those plans and seeing what has taken place already brings into focus just how achievable one’s goals can be if you just keep going, keep moving step-by-step for continuous improvement.”

More About Kojo Gyan

Kojo Gyan refers to himself as a ‘traveling artist and entrepreneur' and frequently spends time between New York, West Africa, and LA for both work and leisure. He recently had the privilege to speak at Harvard University during the Africa Development Conference on a panel called "Growing the Continent Through Arts, Culture, and Sports."  The discussion delved deep into the intrinsic value of Africa's rich culture, diversity, and creativity as well as how arts, culture, and sports are pivotal in shaping the continent's identity, promoting social cohesion, and driving economic growth. He was also recently a guest speaker at NFT.NYC where he discussed the fusion of art, agriculture, and blockchain technology. This October, you can see his new art exhibition in England and Belgium- check out the details below. 

Filling in the Pieces in Black

Art Exhibition in London, England & Zaventem, Belgium

Kojo has been invited by the esteemed MARUANI MERCIER gallery to partake in a significant group exhibition titled "Filling in the Pieces in Black: Past, Present & Future", curated by the renowned British Broadcaster, June Sarpong OBE.

This exhibition is set to run from October 5 to November 11, 2023 at The Warehouse in Zaventem, Belgium and will also have a parallel showcase at London's prestigious Saatchi Gallery from October 31 to December 1, 2023. 

The event aims to spotlight the profound influence of black artists on global culture, emphasizing the importance of their visual storytelling and challenging historical narratives. The exhibition also features a series of live and virtual panel discussions and dinners in both locations.

You can check out Kojo’s work and the work of other talented creatives on our creative matching platform.