Creative Impact Spotlight: Joseph Kalu
Creative Impact Spotlight: Joseph Kalu

A Personal and Professional Transformation with Meaningful Gigs

The impact of Meaningful Gigs extends beyond the professional realm. For Joseph Kalu, it's about embracing the magic of constant growth and exploration. A self proclaimed introvert and modest, but talented, UX/UI designer, he always let his work speak for itself. Through Meaningful Gigs, he's learned how to scale and show his value, give and receive feedback and “Do More, Seek More and Be More”. 

Meaningful Gig's emphasis on continuous growth and learning resonates with Joseph’s own values. Regular check-ins, updates and support have allowed him to “put in more and achieve more”.  As he thrives within this environment, he also attests to the fair rates and how Meaningful Gigs genuinely values and empowers creatives, making it a truly transformative experience both personally and professionally. 

“Meaningful Gigs has opened me up to opportunities outside my company, my profile, my country. This has been a whole new learning curve for me as a person and has forced me to grow at a fast rate. This alone is priceless.“

Energizing Partnerships and Creative Synergy: A Journey with Kenvue 

Amidst a career of full-time roles and various side gigs, Joseph says one job in particular stands out for its transformative impact on him—an engagement with Kenvue (a Johnson & Johnson company) through Meaningful Gigs. 

Within this partnership, Joseph works on a dynamic cross-cultural team with members in South America, North America, Europe, and Africa.  He says he has experienced “perfect communication, no marginalization and everyone is working harmoniously to create a great project”. He gives a special shoutout to team leaders Erin and Amy, who he says have been the “best managers in my career”

His experience is a testament to the power of partnerships forged through Meaningful Gigs; they ignite creativity and foster a harmonious global community of professionals without borders.

“Meaningful Gigs is revolutionizing not just the economy of Africa, but the entire creative world”

Joseph echoes what many African creatives say-  “one of the major challenges Africa's creative industry faces is being heard and recognized in other parts of the world”. The difficulties that separate African creatives from opportunities in the US or UK often seem insurmountable. “Meaningful Gigs has stepped in to bridge that gap and has opened up creatives in Africa to whole new opportunities”. 

By bridging this gap, Meaningful Gigs’s creative matching platform has propelled African creatives into new opportunities, enabling them to command salaries comparable to their counterparts in the US and collaborate with global companies that were once out of reach. 

This isn't just about transforming Africa's economy; it's about reshaping the global creative landscape. Talented creatives like Joseph can now enjoy partnering cross continentally and  with fellow African creatives within international teams and companies. 

About Joseph Kalu

Joseph is a talented UI/UX Designer based in Nigeria and has been a member of the  Meaningful Gigs Creative Community for almost a year now- though the platform has been on his radar since a friend referred him in 2021.  In his free time, Joseph enjoys travel, movies, swimming, walking and enjoying nature.  He currently works as a Digital Product Designer for Kenvue. Joseph describes his experience with Meaningful Gigs as “one of the best career decisions I've made” and “nothing short of awesome.”

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