Boosting Creativity for Design Teams: Unleash the Power of the Crazy 8s Exercise!
Boosting Creativity for Design Teams: Unleash the Power of the Crazy 8s Exercise!

In the fast-paced world of creative work, finding new and innovative ideas is crucial for success. However, brainstorming sessions can sometimes feel stagnant and uninspiring. That's where the Crazy 8s exercise comes in—a dynamic and energizing technique that can breathe new life into creative teams.


In this post, we'll explore what the Crazy 8s exercise is and how it can benefit creative teams, leading to a surge of fresh and exciting ideas.

What is the Crazy 8s exercise?

The Crazy 8s exercise is a rapid brainstorming activity that encourages participants to generate a high quantity of ideas within a limited time frame. The ideas is to create eight distinct ideas in just eight minutes. The technique was popularized by Google Ventures’s design team, which found it to be an effective method for generating diverse solutions in a short amount of time.

The Crazy 8s Exercise

  1. Set the stage: Gather your creative team and explain the purpose and rules of the exercise. Emphasize that the focus is on quantity rather than quality at this stage.

  2. Define the problem: Clearly articulate the problem or challenge your team is working on. It could be anything from designing a new product feature to brainstorming marketing strategies.

  3. Timebox the activity: Allocate eight minutes for the exercise, ensuring that everyone is aware of the time constraint. Setting a timer adds a sense of urgency and helps maintain the pace.

  4. Generate ideas: Each team member individually sketches or writes down their ideas on a sheet of paper. The goal is to produce eight unique ideas within the given time limit. Encourage participants to think broadly and without limitations.

  5. Share and discuss: Once the time is up, each team member presents their ideas to the group, briefly explaining each concept. The focus is on quantity, so no idea should be dismissed or critiqued at this stage.

  6. Group discussion: After everyone has presented their ideas, encourage open discussion and exploration of the concepts. This is the opportunity to build upon each other's ideas and identify the most promising ones.

Benefits of the Crazy 8s Exercise

  1. Super charged idea generation: The time constraint and pressure of the exercise force participants to think quickly and push beyond their comfort zones. This rapid generation of ideas helps break free from traditional thinking patterns and opens the floodgates to creativity.

  2. Diverse perspectives: By providing an equal opportunity for all team members to contribute their ideas, the Crazy 8s Exercise ensures a diverse range of perspectives. This inclusivity fosters an environment where everyone's voice is valued, leading to greater innovation and unique solutions.

  3. Efficient use of time: The timeboxed nature of the exercise ensures that teams can produce a substantial number of ideas in a relatively short period. This efficiency is particularly useful when there are time constraints or looming deadlines.

  4. Spurring collaboration and inspiration: The sharing and group discussion phase of the exercise encourages collaboration and builds upon the collective creativity of the team. Ideas that may initially seem far-fetched or incomplete can spark new concepts when combined with the contributions of others.

  5. Overcoming creative blocks: The Crazy 8s Exercise helps overcome creative blocks by promoting a "quantity over quality" mindset. This approach reduces self-censorship and encourages participants to explore unconventional ideas, fostering breakthrough thinking.


In the realm of creativity, the Crazy 8s exercise offers a refreshing approach to idea generation, revitalizing brainstorming sessions for creative teams. By setting time limits and focusing on quantity, this technique stimulates the flow of ideas, embraces diverse perspectives, and drives collaboration. Implementing the Crazy 8s Exercise can lead to a surge of creativity, empowering teams to tackle challenges with renewed vigor and unlock the full potential of their creative minds. So, gather your team, grab those markers and papers, and prepare to unleash your wildest ideas!

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