10 Powerful (Free) Tools for Motion Design
10 Powerful (Free) Tools for Motion Design

Motion design is a powerful tool to captivate audiences and deliver compelling visual experiences. However, motion graphics can be both expensive and time-consuming to create. But fear not, because the world of motion design is brimming with free resources that can elevate your creative projects without breaking the bank and dragging out timelines. In this post, we've curated a list of 10 handy free tools that will help you harness the potential of motion design like never before.

1. DaVinci Resolve

While primarily known as a professional video editing tool, DaVinci Resolve also boasts powerful motion graphics capabilities. Its Fusion page lets you create intricate animations and graphics seamlessly.

2. OpenToonz

OpenToonz is an open-source 2D animation software used by both hobbyists and professionals. Its wide range of features and compatibility with industry-standard file formats makes it a powerful choice. Fun fact, Studio Ghibli has used this software for decades!

3. Synfig Studio

If you're into 2D animation and vector-based motion graphics, Synfig Studio is your go-to. Its bone system simplifies character animation, making it a valuable asset for any motion designer.

4. Pencil2D

For those seeking a straightforward 2D animation tool, Pencil2D offers an intuitive interface that's perfect for creating hand-drawn animations with a nostalgic touch.

5. Krita

While renowned for digital painting, Krita also features animation tools that can be ideal for creating intricate frame-by-frame animations and transitions.

6. LottieFile

LottieFiles is a hub for animations and motion graphics. You can find a vast collection of free Lottie animations that you can easily integrate into your projects, saving you time and effort.

7. Animaker

Animaker offers a user-friendly platform for creating animated videos and infographics. Its drag-and-drop interface is perfect for crafting engaging motion designs without a steep learning curve. While this one is free to start, you will have to pay to use it’s more advanced features.

8. Blender

Blender isn't just for 3D modeling; it's a versatile tool that also supports motion design. Create stunning animations, visual effects, and even full-length films with its powerful animation and rendering capabilities

9. Motion Array

Motion Array provides a plethora of free resources, including motion graphics templates, stock footage, and music. It's an excellent place to discover assets that will enhance the visual appeal of your projects. This is another tool where you can certainly start and create videos for free, but it may be in your interest to upgrade for some of the more advanced features.

10. Adobe Express (Formerly Adobe Spark)

Adobe’s free online tool makes it easy to create animated graphics, videos, and presentations. It has a variety of templates and features to help you get started quickly.


The world of motion design is yours to conquer with these free tools at your disposal. Whether you're a seasoned creative director or a budding motion designer, these tools will empower you to bring your imaginative visions to life without the burden of hefty costs.

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